What are we looking for in life?

I keep thinking this some times.I am still looking for my direction in my career. I am trying to make myself contented. I am trying to do what I like and i hope it can keep my mind as fresh as possible. I don’t want to think about the past and just look forward, and looking forward for the better future. I am not too sure is this what i want in my life. Am i going to do this job for the rest of my life? But at least at this particular moment of time, i can earn a living and support family.

I have a dream. I always wish that i can run my own businesses. If i have ever given an opportunity, i wish i can run a small student center, like the one run by Faizah Zainal Abidin. Her concept of this Student Center has impressed me. It is always in my dream… and i think it is only a dream that is hard to become a reality.
I agree that life is about how you going to colour it and how you want it to be. I will make it as colourful and as wonderful as possible.


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