english teaching activity

30 words to 60 words – An Activity

We give the comprehension questions at the end of the lesson to elicit answers from the students. This is a very important exercise to help the students to recall the content and express their ideas. The students are even encouraged to write their answers. The most important point the students should know is to maintain the ‘word limit’ of their answers. We generally ask the students to write their answers in 30 words, 60 words or 80 words. I have named this activity as 30 words to 60 words. Through this activity, the child learns to change an answer of 30 words into an answer of 60 words. At first the children are asked to answer a question briefly in about 30 words or ‘three sentences’. The teacher then asks any child to write his answer on the black board. The teacher then asks the child to expand or elaborate the answer into 60 words. The students are encouraged to come to the blackboard, and make the necessary changes to the answer on the blackboard.

In the process of changing the 30 words answer into 60 words answer, the child learns the following things.

• The child adds adjectives and adverbs to the sentences. Hence, he tries to increase the word limit.

• He is also encouraged to add a noun phrase or a noun clause. He applies this method to adjectives and adverbs.

• He may be encouraged to add one or two relevant sentences by which he can increase the word limit of the answer.

• He may substitute a phrasal verb for a verb.

• He may try to change a simple sentence into a compound sentence by using conjunctions. The teacher also guides the students to check the vocabulary in the answer, use correct punctuations and edit grammatical errors. I need your suggestions to improve this activity


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