How to get a flatter stomach using a simple way

Having a flatter belly or less fat is the most worthy thing for everyone. Some people are already successfully flatten their stomach after following some tips. Must be fun when your efforts succeed. But, there are some not yet able to achieve the goal. Sad to say that I’m one of them. Why the stomach is not getting flatter. In fact it’s getting distended. There must be things wrong with this.
I found these simple tips. I hope it works.

These are the tips I get from a book about Petua Melayu:

1. First, mix a glass of tea without adding sugar. (some say a little sugar is still OK)

2. Then, add a few drops the lime juice into it.

3. Drink the water every day until your distended stomach is successfully flattened.

Hopefully it works! Good Luck!


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