There are teachers who get paid for doing too little. Always blaming someone else for their inability. Some teachers are awesome, the students love them. However there are also teachers whom I think should have retired 10 years ago. They are rude to the students, refuse to offer help even the littlest amount, and when a student asks a question that they feel is stupid, they respond by saying. “please ask an intelligent question next time”. Why can’t those teachers just accept the fact that they themselves lack the ability to perform the job for which they were hired.
There are also teachers who refer to their students as ‘bodoh’? They don’t stop talking and telling everybody this student is bla bla bla bla… that student is bla bla bla… It is not their fault that they are like this they are like that.. I think the problem is not them, it’s the TEACHER. Students know when you think they’re stupid or worthless or not worth your time. This bad attitude can be seen as a form of child abuse too. Don’t forget, these students are our future generation. If you don’t like this job, find something else to do, you’re definitely in the wrong profession. Do something else. Don’t sacrifice the students. You don’t have the right to hurt them… Treat them as if they are your own kids.. It’s not that difficult I think. Respect them. If then the students don’t respect you, it’s probably because you don’t DESERVE any. Respect others if you want others to reciprocate.


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