What’s Cool About This House

1. It feels totally cozy – doesn’t it feel like a warm family home? It sure does

2. A really nice rug – the rug, taking up 3/4 the width of the hall sits very well with the entire colour scheme, giving it a very clean and refreshing look. Whilst adding a focal point to the space, it does not dictate but complements the wooden floors and sofa.

3. Abundant natural light – Nothing like free day light thrown in from a window to provide ambience to the space. Having the sofas on the opposite end of the window allows just the right amount of light to bath its inhabitants and guests during the day.

4. Simple configuration with lots of free space – a sofa set, a coffee table, a bookshelf and some wall art as well as lamps to complete the hall yet leaving an adequate amount of space for the little ones to toddle around with their toys. This configuration allows the vastness of the space to be truly augmented

imagesource: freshome

By Adrian How


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