Home Renovation Ideas : Spice Up Your Closet!

Tips to Spice Up Your Closet

Organizing your closet is a task that sounds like it should be simple, but much too often is not. Get these top tips from the industry experts at MyTradesDirect.com to help you work your closet space to your best advantage.

1. Show off your creation!

Showcase your neat organization — do not hide it. Do not put folded items in drawers – place them on shelves, where they can be seen. It’s likely that, if you can see it, you’ll use it.

2. Divide and Master

Work with drawer dividers to maintain small items like socks, lingerie or jewelry neatly organized, separate, and distinct in drawers while expanding space.

3. Use Hooks

Employ hooks to store robes, night gowns and “around the house clothing.” Hooks may also be utilized in entries and mudrooms to organize children’s coats and backpacks.

4. What do do with Off Season Clothes?

Store off-season clothing on higher shelving or in an additional space if feasible. Switching clothes with seasons also lets you analyze what you have so it is possible to purge those products you will no longer require.

5. Fine Tune

Flexible closet systems allow placement of the rods and shelves so that there’s no wasted area. Place rods twelve inches from the back wall to provide hangers with a minimum of 2 inches of clearance. Position shelves no further than twelve inches apart.

6. Use hangers the right way

Eliminate empty hangers; they waste valuable area. Should you know you will require some spares, place empty hangers in a basket at the bottom from the closet. Return wire hangers to the dry cleaner for re-use.

7. The Right Hanger!

Choosing the right hanger may make a big difference. Wire hangers get effortlessly twisted. Wood or sturdy plastic hangers are neater and help you retain the shape to your clothes.

8. Label!

Label boxes with contents listed, or much better yet, attach a photo of what’s inside.

9. Purge, Purge, Purge….

Get in the practice of purging frequently — ideally at least 2 times per year, with the alter of seasons (as described in Tip 5). A excellent way to purge hanging items is to place all hangers using the hook facing out. As you use items, place them back using the hook facing in. At the change from the season, get a appear at the products with the hook facing out and decide whether you still require them.

10. Hang – Fold – Or both….

This depends upon a few essential elements: fabric, design, use. Usually hang items which are prone to wrinkles or delicate fabrics that crush effortlessly. Fold items such as knitwear, sweaters, t-shirts and active wear. This will prevent them from losing their shape.

11. Add Color to your system

Grouping clothing by color is as appealing as it is helpful. Color-coding makes getting dressed in the morning quicker and easier; it also shows if your wardrobe is out of balance so you can shop a lot more wisely.

12. Relax in your oasis

Create a more enjoyable living space within the bedroom. Remove storage furniture like a dresser or chest of drawers and place drawers within the closet. Now perhaps it is possible to produce a comfortable reading corner within the bedroom, maybe even with a romantic chaise lounge. Sit back and enjoy your little oasis of relaxation.

13. Look Beautiful on the Inside

Add a jewelry drawer into your closet. Our velvet lined jewelry organizers maintain rings, bracelets, necklaces and diamond earrings separated, making them simple to find, while guarding their delicate finish.

14. Did you say “I Love Shoes”?

Do you know the average woman owns Fourty pairs of shoes? It’s true! Organize your collection with adjustable shelves to permit for differing shoe styles and height profiles.

Have fun with your home renovation ideas and don’t forget about your closet when your and to renovate. This ads value to your house as well.

Source : Hubpages.com


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