One thought on “Break the Ice and Sprinkle the Seed

  1. Hi Saodah Ajil,

    I found your blog and like your posts on how to be more inspired, including in studies. I am writing to introduce you to the Gnowledge Internet Education Platform (, and to get your thoughts and opinions on it.

    Gnowledge is a free-to-use online education platform that enables and empowers its users to create, publish, share and take tests and exercises. All tests in are categorized by title, subject, grade, school and/or country, and are publicly available for anyone to use. Gnowledge has proven to be most useful to teachers, students and parents of students alike.

    Teachers use Gnowledge to store their frequently used tests and exercises, which are then assigned to individual students or entire classrooms. Exercises and tests conducted on Gnowledge are immediately corrected and completed, saving time on manual individual exercise correction and freeing up much needed off-work and personal time.

    Whenever a teacher creates a test, it will be compiled on their very own Vanity Page ( This gives students a central point of reference and easy access to all of their teacher’s tests.

    The following 4 points show a sample of frequent users of Gnowledge:

    1. Ms. Jocelyne Perreard, joined 31st March 2011, from Mexico.
    Created 53 tests, administered 1,378 tests. Verify her stats at

    2. Tan Lay Hong, joined 24th February 2011, from Malaysia.
    Created 10 tests, administered 401 tests. Verify her stats at

    3. Besty Tan Sok Eng, joined 2nd October 2011, from Malaysia.
    Created 212 tests, administered 434 tests. Verify her stats at

    4. Colin Chia Peng Hee, joined 4th August 2011, from Singapore.
    Created 3 tests, administered 20 tests. Verify his stats at

    Students use Gnowledge to enhance their understanding of their syllabus. By using Gnowledge frequently, students learn by understanding and increase their knowledge, due to how tests are presented.

    Each test attempt, even for identical tests, is presented differently each time; question and answer orders for multiple answers are randomized, forcing the student to understand and think about the question they are being presented with. This enhances their analytical and reasoning skills to tackle, recall and/or arrive at the correct answer. Frequent usage of Gnowledge results in academic excellence and defeats rote memorization.

    Parents use Gnowledge to keep track of the academic aptitude and progress of their children. Detailed results of tests and exercises of their children are stored on Gnowledge for easy reference and viewed and evaluated by parents anytime, anywhere, via the internet.

    I invite you to check out Gnowledge, as your feedback would be most appreciated. If you have any comments or questions, do get back to me.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Aiman Azri
    Social Media Specialist

    Gnowledge Sdn. Bhd.
    Suite E-13-18, Plaza Mont Kiara
    2 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara
    50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    T:+603 – 6201 8722
    F: +603 – 6211 1722
    M: +6016 – 233 2729

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