Eating … Gaining Weight … How to Control the Urge to Splurge

Take Charge of Your Eating Habits.

Try to control the number of food cravings you experience. It appears to be impossible for humans like us, but if you psyche yourself and develop fewer cravings, then slowly you’ll submit to fewer cravings.

According to one study of nearly 500 women, researchers found that women who received a daily 1, 200 milligram calcium supplement reduced their number of premenstrual food cravings by 54%. To reach the same result by getting the needed calcium intake from food, rely on skim milk and yogurt. Sounds a bit difficult for all lactose intolerant? Try some calcium-fortified foods or juices like cheese and calcium-filled orange juices. If you don’t feel you can get sufficient calcium from food, make up the difference using a supplement of calcium carbonate or calcium citrate.

How about something relaxing? When you’re anxious, the body produces more of the hormone cortisol, which may increase the amount of carbohydrates you want to eat. Sweets or carbohydrates temporarily increase our levels of serotonin, making us feel calm and relaxed.

Thus, one way of helping curb your sweet tooth, rent some videos, text your funniest friends, or schedule a spa weekend. Why not have a bit of chocolate once in a while? When you begin including small amounts of these forbidden foods into your diet, a funny thing happens: You don’t crave them anymore.

Distinguish specific cravings from hunger. Suppose you drive by a fast food outlet and all of a sudden, you develop a deep craving for French fries. Rather than rushing down the drive thru section, reassess your urge. Turn on your favorite music and switch your attention away from the fries idea. Suppose, on the other hand, you feel the need to satisfy not the urge but your hunger, select an apple pie or salad as a substitute.

Cut Hundreds of Calories.

Sure you can cut on hundreds of calories on what you eat every day! How? By making the appropriate choices on replacing high-calorie to low-calorie foods, such as cheese, creams, whole milk, butter, etc. Here are easy tricks to keep you cooking and eating minus the calories.

When cooking, use nonstick pan to eliminate the use of butter and/or oil.

• Remove the fat from the meat.

• Remove the skin of chicken before serving.

• Use butter-flavored seasoning on vegetables instead of
sprinkling butter.

• For casseroles, desserts and sauces, use evaporated skim milk
(12 cal./tbsp.) instead of heavy cream (51 cal./tbsp.)

• Cook stews and other casseroles ahead of time. Refrigerate.
Remove congealed fat before serving.

• Choose real orange (71 cal.) over an orange juice (90 cal./6 oz).

• For snacks, low-calorie fruits (cucumbers, asparagus, carrots,
apples, pickles) are good replacements for crackers and breads.

• Use bottled chocolate extract for milk shakes instead of
sweetened cocoa.

• Use two egg whites (34 cal.) for cakes instead of one egg
(82 cal.).

• Choose diet margarine (50 cal.) instead of the regular
margarine (100 cal.).

• Choose cereals with the least calories then add fresh fruits
to be more nutritious.

• In parties, good substitutes for snacks are carrot strips,
pickle slices, and raw mushroom caps.

• Drip away fats by cooking hamburgers on the rack.

• Avoid chips with dips.

Staying in healthy shape depends on the right attitude. So how strong is your will power to control the urge?

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Home Renovation Ideas : Spice Up Your Closet!

Tips to Spice Up Your Closet

Organizing your closet is a task that sounds like it should be simple, but much too often is not. Get these top tips from the industry experts at to help you work your closet space to your best advantage.

1. Show off your creation!

Showcase your neat organization — do not hide it. Do not put folded items in drawers – place them on shelves, where they can be seen. It’s likely that, if you can see it, you’ll use it.

2. Divide and Master

Work with drawer dividers to maintain small items like socks, lingerie or jewelry neatly organized, separate, and distinct in drawers while expanding space.

3. Use Hooks

Employ hooks to store robes, night gowns and “around the house clothing.” Hooks may also be utilized in entries and mudrooms to organize children’s coats and backpacks.

4. What do do with Off Season Clothes?

Store off-season clothing on higher shelving or in an additional space if feasible. Switching clothes with seasons also lets you analyze what you have so it is possible to purge those products you will no longer require.

5. Fine Tune

Flexible closet systems allow placement of the rods and shelves so that there’s no wasted area. Place rods twelve inches from the back wall to provide hangers with a minimum of 2 inches of clearance. Position shelves no further than twelve inches apart.

6. Use hangers the right way

Eliminate empty hangers; they waste valuable area. Should you know you will require some spares, place empty hangers in a basket at the bottom from the closet. Return wire hangers to the dry cleaner for re-use.

7. The Right Hanger!

Choosing the right hanger may make a big difference. Wire hangers get effortlessly twisted. Wood or sturdy plastic hangers are neater and help you retain the shape to your clothes.

8. Label!

Label boxes with contents listed, or much better yet, attach a photo of what’s inside.

9. Purge, Purge, Purge….

Get in the practice of purging frequently — ideally at least 2 times per year, with the alter of seasons (as described in Tip 5). A excellent way to purge hanging items is to place all hangers using the hook facing out. As you use items, place them back using the hook facing in. At the change from the season, get a appear at the products with the hook facing out and decide whether you still require them.

10. Hang – Fold – Or both….

This depends upon a few essential elements: fabric, design, use. Usually hang items which are prone to wrinkles or delicate fabrics that crush effortlessly. Fold items such as knitwear, sweaters, t-shirts and active wear. This will prevent them from losing their shape.

11. Add Color to your system

Grouping clothing by color is as appealing as it is helpful. Color-coding makes getting dressed in the morning quicker and easier; it also shows if your wardrobe is out of balance so you can shop a lot more wisely.

12. Relax in your oasis

Create a more enjoyable living space within the bedroom. Remove storage furniture like a dresser or chest of drawers and place drawers within the closet. Now perhaps it is possible to produce a comfortable reading corner within the bedroom, maybe even with a romantic chaise lounge. Sit back and enjoy your little oasis of relaxation.

13. Look Beautiful on the Inside

Add a jewelry drawer into your closet. Our velvet lined jewelry organizers maintain rings, bracelets, necklaces and diamond earrings separated, making them simple to find, while guarding their delicate finish.

14. Did you say “I Love Shoes”?

Do you know the average woman owns Fourty pairs of shoes? It’s true! Organize your collection with adjustable shelves to permit for differing shoe styles and height profiles.

Have fun with your home renovation ideas and don’t forget about your closet when your and to renovate. This ads value to your house as well.

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Penurunan berat badaN dengan Atkins Nutritional Approach / Atkins Diet *************************************

Tulisan ini dipetik dari

Atkins Diet ialah jenis pemakanan sihat yang diperkenalkan oleh Dr. Robert C. Atkins untuk membantu korang mengurangkan berat badan dengan menggunekan konsep mengurangkan karbohidrat…Cerite banyak pun tak gune kan kalo takde bukti? Nanti korang kate aku saje je wat crite sebab nak standby April fool untuk korang..aiseh..tgk nih…

Bile kite mengurangkan pegambilan karbohidrat,badan kite akan mule membakar lemak sebagai tenage…macam yg kite slalu blaja kat skula rendah yg diajar oleh cikgu sains kite,badan kite perlukan karbohidrat sebagai tenage…seperti ape yg rakyat malaysia amalkan sekarang,kite mengambil jumlah karbohidrat yg amat tinggi…TINGGI PUNYE!!!

So,ape yang berlaku?bile kite melakukan keje atau pun bersenam,badan akan membakar karbohidrat sebagai bahanapi(betul ke aku eje)…. so,ape jadi dengan lemak2 dalam badan kite? Ia akan maintain dalam badan kite,,,plus,kite makan lagi lemak,lagi la bertambah….kan3?

Jadi,bile badan kite membakar lemak sebagai bahanapi ataupn tenage,automatik la lemak dalam badan kite akan berkurang dan menyebabkan!!! Kite lebih hensem dari dulu…:D

Dr. Atkins dah pn perkenalkan diet ni dari taon 70an lagi,tp tak dpt sambutan sebab ketike itu ramai menggunekan diet Low Fat…bile mengamalkan low fat,kite akan berase lebih lapar dan susa untuk kite maintainkan berat badan…plus,walaupun kite menggunekan low fat,tapi kite stil mengambil karbohidrat yg tnggi,jadi,lemak tak akan bertambah dan tak akan berkurang…so,macam mane nk kurus?? jumpe bomoh?

Atkins diet terbahagi kpd 4 peringkat

1. Induction (permulaan dan pengenalan) 2 minggu atau lebih, mengikut keadaan dan berat badan.
2. Ongoing Weight Loss (penyusutan berat berterusan)
3. Pre-maintenance
4. Lifetime Maintenance
*Induction sekurang kurangnye 2 minggu..itu kalau setakat nak kurang 2-3 kg boleh la…kalau banyak nak turun,lame la induction ok?

Induction ialah bahagian yang paling penting dalam atkins kerane ia ialah tapak asas kepade diet ini…tak buat induction,sori,gemuk la smpai bebile…huhu…

Ape yang berlaku tyme induction? Berlakunye proses KETOSIS..proses dimane badan menukar daripade menggunekan karbohidrat sebagai tenage kepade menggunekan lemak sebagai tenage..waktu ni memang biase kalau korang rase lapa sebab ini adelah perubahan drpd pemakanan x senonoh yang korang buat…tapi percaye cakap aku,korang takkan rase lapar da selepas itu sebab dalam diet atkins nih,calory tak dikire…jadi,makanlah seekor ayam pun kalau suke dan banyak duet…huhu..:D

Untuk induction,20 gram karbohidrat sehari sahaje dibenarkan..
Biasenye penurunan berat badan yang mendadak akan berlaku ketike induction,dan lebih bagus jike diteruskan berterusan untuk jangke mase yg lame…

Semasa 2 Minggu Induction:


2.) Elakkan Roti, roti berserat, roti bun, rotiBoy, roti canai, roti jala, roti bakar, roti pastries dan apa2 yang sebangsa dengannya. (wow,sedapnye roti jala…huhu)

3.) Elakkan Gula – gula pasir, gula melaka, gula merah, madu, gula-gula dan apa-apa yang bergula tinggi.

4.) Elakkan Buah-buahan

5.) Elakkan minuman bergula, jus buah-buahan, air bergas (coke, pepsi, 100plus, etc)

6.) Elakkan snek seperti Twisties, biskut manis, nachos, popcorn, jeruk manis.

7.) Elakkan segala bentuk kacang untuk 2 minggu. Tak kira kacang biasa, gajus, kuah kacang, dhal,ataupun kacang je soalan exam….

8.) Elakkan makanan berproses seperti kentang goreng, bebola ikan, bebola sotong.

9.) Elakkan makanan bertepung seperti kek, biskut, kuih-muih.


Boleh Makan:

1.) Ayam – panggang, steam, bakar, sup, satay, digoreng tanpa tepung.

2.) Semua ikan – sama macam ayam, boleh grill, steam, goreng tanpa tepung. Tak kira ikan salmon, pari, tenggiri, terubok, ikan bilis…

3.) Semua daging – rusa, lembu, kambing – buat steak, satay grill, sup ekor, daging bakar, disalai… asalkan halal.

4.) Udang – bakar, tomyam, goreng dgn cili boh, etc. Elakkan sotong coz karbohidrat tinggi.

5.) Sayur, terutamanya sayur hijau. Kurangkan lobak merah, elakkan kentang. Lagi hijau, lagi bagus, macam sawi, bayam, salad, timun…

6.) Keju jenis cheddar, mozarella, parmesan. Limit kepada 2-3 keping sehari.

7.) Air kosong, air mineral -minum 8 gelas atau lebih sehari untuk elakkan sembelit.

8.) Nak makan burger? Buang roti bun atas dan bawah, makan daging burger dengan sayur dan mayonis kat dalam je…

9.) Pizza? Makan topping kat atas je, roti kat bawah tu kasi orang yang tak perlu diet…

10.) Makan supplement dan vitamin seperti spirullina dan multi-vitamins untuk menambahkan lagi tenaga dan kuatkan daya ketahanan badan.

Diingatkan! Air bole cepatkan proses pembakaran kalori..jadi,minum!!! Banyak!! Air kosong k…
AIr mestilah lebih daripade 10 gelas sehari dan mesti diminum sebelum makan atau pun ketike dalam keadaan perut kosong…

Mesti air kosong..kalau minum air manis,boleh la buat blog pulak…huhu

Jangan lupa makan sarapan, tengahari dan makan malam. Makan malam sebelum jam 9 malam. Jangan ponteng makan!

Contoh sarapan / Breakfast
1.) Telur rebus – 1 biji – (0.6 grams carb)
2.) Chicken slice – 2-3 keping – (0.0 grams carb)
3.) Air suam – 1-2 glass – (0 gram carb)
4.) Keju – 2 keping – (1 gram carb)

Makan Tengahari / Malam
1.) Ikan panggang – 1-2 keping – (0 gram Carb)
2.) Sup Ayam – 1 mangkuk – (0.5 – 1 gram Carb)
3.) Ayam goreng – 1-2 ketul – (0.5 – 1 gram Carb)
4.) Sayur-sayuran hijau – 1 mangkuk – (1 – 3 grams Carb)
5.) Telur goreng – 1-2 biji – (1 – 1.5 gram Carb)

Carb = Karbohidrat
Jangan lebih drp 20 grams Carb sehari kalau nak kurus!

Nasi – 1 pinggan penuh = 88 grams Carb !
Nasi – 1/2 pinggan (nasi separuh) = 44 grams Carb.
Nasi – 1/4 pinggan = 22 grams Carb.
Mee (mihun/spagetti/laksa/laksang/fettuccinni) = 10 – 100 grams Carb

InsyaAllah, try diet ni selama 2 minggu,hasil yg mendadak akan kelihatan…fuyoh!

Pengurusan Masa untuk Wanita Berkerjaya

Wanita berkerjaya yang sudah berumahtangga selalu berada dalam dilema. Akhirnya ramai juga yang mengambil keputusan berhenti kerja apabila merasakan tidak mampu menguruskan banyak perkara dalam satu masa. Berikut adalah tips-tips pengurusan masa berkesan bagi seorang ibu dan wanita berkerjaya.

1. Utamakan diri
Apabila bergelar isteri dan ibu, anda kadang kala lupa tentang hak ke atas diri. Anda mengabaikan diri sendiri kerana terlalu menumpukan perhatian menguruskan rumah tangga dan kerjaya. Tahukah anda? Jika anda tidak mengutamakan diri dengan menjaga kesihatan mahupun kecantikan, anda mungkin tidak dapat menguruskan anak, suami dan kerjaya dengan sempurna. Pastikan makanan yang disediakan sihat dan jangan lupa mengamalkan gaya hidup sihat.

2. Tetapkan jadual kerja
Orang yang mengamalkan disiplin yang ketat biasanya berjaya dalam kehidupannya. Jadi, untuk berjaya, anda perlu lebih berdisiplin. Buatlah jadual dan ingat! Jangan sesekali melanggarnya. Senaraikan dan susun mengikut keutamaan. Walaupun senarainya panjang, dengan disiplin yang ketat, anda pasti dapat menyelesaikannya. Percayalah!

3. Fokus pada kerja
Bagi kebanyakan orang pendapatan bulanan yang diperoleh datangnya daripada jawatan yang disandang sekarang. Jadi, and aperlu pandqi mnguruskan masa yang melibatkan kerja dan keluarga agar tidak kehilangan punca pendapatan. Ketahuilah, apabila seseorang menumpukan sepenuh perhatian terhadap apa saja kerja yang dilakukannya, kerja tersebut pasti dapat diselesaikan mengikut tempoh yang ditetapkan.

4. Kerja pejabat ditinggalkan
Kerja pejabat seharusnya diselesaikan di pejabat juga. Jika kerja-kerja yang tidak dapat diselesaikan di bawa pulang, pasti akan mengurangkan masa bersama keluarga kerana terlalu sibuk mahu menghabiskan kerja pejabat.

5. Lupakan rumah
Apabila berada di pejabat pula, lupakan hal rumah untuk seketika. Dengan itu, anda dapat menumpukan sepenuh perhatian untuk menghabiskan kerja di pejabat. Dan tentunya anda tidak perlu bersusah payah untuk membuat kerja pejabat di rumah pula.

6. Masa untuk keluarga
Biar sesibuk mana pun anda, keluarga tetap keluarga! Jadi, peruntukkan waku tertentu untuk dihabiskan bersama mereka. Namun, pastikan anda mengisi masa dengan aktiviti berfaedah. Contohnya, luangkan masa seketika bersama anak-anak sebelum tidur dengan membacakan mereka teladan ataupun yang seumpama dengannya.

7. Agihkan tugasan
Sebagai ibu berkerjaya, kerja dalam meguruskan rumah tangga, tidak salah jika suami turut membantu. Selain itu, anak-anak juga boleh diberi kepercayaan untuk merigankan beban anda. Buangkan sifat tidak yakin dengan kemampuan mereka. Percayalah, mereka dapat melakukannya dengan sempurna sama seperti cara anda melakukannya.

8. Dapatkan bantuan
Masa yang terhad sering membuatkan anda kelam kabut. Setengah hari waktu dihabiskan di pejabat, anda perlu meneruskan perjalanan hari di rumah pula. Anda tentu kepenatan sehingga kadang-kala mengabaikan urusan rumah tangga. Jangan begitu, dapatkan bantuan jika tidak berdaya. Minta bantuan suami mahupun anak-anak.

9. Cuti-cuti
Ketika cuti, habiskan masa yang ada untuk bercuti! Untuk itu, lupakan soal kerja . Jika ada perancangan dan wang berlebihan, tidak salah rasanya jika anda sekeluarga bercuti dengan melancong. Tanpa anda sedari, percutian anda dapat merapatkan lagi hubungan sekeluarga.

10. Sistem kehidupan
Cara ini diyakini dapat membantu anda menguruskan masa dengan baik biarpun kelihatan leceh. Malah anda juga akan lebih tenang apabila berhadapan masalah. Wujudkan sistem peraturan bagi setiap aktiviti dalam rumah dengan melibatkan seisi keluarga. Sebagai contoh, sediakan bakul khas untuk menempatkan pakaian kotor. Asingkan pakaian kotor yang dipakai ke pejabat dan rumah. Selain itu sediakan bakul khas untuk pakaian berwarna dan putih juga. Dengan cara ini, anda tidak perlu bersusah payah mengumpulkan pakaian kotor apabila tiba waktu mencuci pakaian.

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How to Make a Small Living Room Look Larger

by Adrian How

The living room is usually the first room guests see when they enter a home. It is also the space most often used for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends. A small living room can look and feel cramped and uninviting if it is cluttered and dark. You can make the room look
larger by selecting the right colors, furniture, and accessories to fill the space.

Light Colors and Simple Patterns

The colors used in your living room, from the walls to the floor to the fabrics and furnishings, play a major role in the appearance of the room. Dark colors like crimson, navy blue, and chocolate absorb light and tend to shrink a room. Light colors like cream, robin’s egg blue, and light yellow reflect the light that enters the room, making the space seem larger.

Since your walls make up the largest proportion of color in the room, make sure the paint color is a light tone. You can also paint the ceiling a shade or two lighter than the walls to make the ceiling appear higher, enlarging the room.

Patterns on wallpaper, curtains, upholstery, and carpeting should not be too busy or dark. Busy patterns fill the space and distract the eye, disrupting the visual flow around the room. However, there is no need to shy away from your favorite patterns used in one or two areas and in smaller accessories in the room.

Sleek and Multifunctional Furniture

Make your living room feel open and comfortable by selecting furniture proportionate to the size of the room. Stay away from large and bulky pieces and go for smaller furniture such as a loveseat, armless chairs, and an ottoman that can double as a coffee table. Shop around for tables
and chairs that can be folded or collapsed when not in use. Glass top coffee tables are ideal for small living rooms, since they allow you to see through to the floor, making the floor area appear larger.

You should have adequate space in your living room to walk around and between furniture. The height of your furniture also impacts the look of the room. Tall pieces draw the eye upward, but very tall pieces that reach close to the ceiling can make the ceiling seem lower and shrink the

Ample Lighting and Selective Décor

A well-lit room looks larger than a room cast in shadows. Let as much natural light into the room as possible by hanging light-colored sheer curtains instead of thicker drapes. Make sure ambient and accent lighting is sufficient for the space. Placing mirrors and other reflective surfaces
around the room can make the space seem larger, as well.

Cluttered walls and surfaces can make the living room look smaller than it really is. Avoid filling the walls with pictures and select just a few smaller ones or one large piece to adorn the wall.

Do not crowd the sofa with too many throw pillows, or fill table tops with a large collection of decorative items.

Creative home decor is what we are all about at and our staff writer, Alyssa Davis, is an expert in designing it with bike metal wall sculptures and seabirds metal wall decor.